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2015-11-15 Top of the world!

Maui Ultra Fins riders Philip Köster and Iballa Ruano Moreno were crowned champions of the world at the end of the 2015 PWA Wave World Tour!

Philip Köster had a great year of competition and he absolutely dominated the events in Pozo and Klitmøller. He showed outstanding performances on the waves and especially in the air. His almost completed triple forward loop during the final in Pozo was definitely the highlight of the 2015 wave season. After winning his third world title Philip is even more motivated and we’re looking forward to more breathtaking action from Philip in 2016! Thumbs up for our World champion!


Iballa Ruano Moreno took the title in the women’s division after winning the prestigious Aloha Classic event for the third time in her career. By winning the 2015 wave world title Iballa completed, together with her sister Daida, a total of 25 world titles for the twins, what an amazing achievement by these two outstanding athletes! Having won Pozo and Tenerife, Daida got second in the 2015 wave world tour right behind her sister. The twins were joined by Sarah-Quita Offringa for the final spot on the podium, which is thereby completely owned by Maui Ultra Fins riders.

Lina Erpenstein organized the cherry on the cake: PWA Youth World Champion in her first season. Congratulations!

As Sarah-Quita is becoming a real threat on the wave tour, she also had an amazing year of competition. After finishing 3rd in the waves and becoming freestyle world champion for an unbelievable 8th time, she is also leading the slalom world rankings!

Big congratulations to our world champions and all the other Maui Ultra Fins riders after a great competition season in 2015!


All images: Carter /


2015-09-23 KIA Cold Hawaii World Cup Klitmøller

The Köster Show!

DK15 ls G44 0792 kDK15 wv G44 0828 k

For the 6th consecutive year Cold Hawaii produced a perfect arena for the world’s best wave riders to show what they are capable of in the rough North Sea conditions. This means, that Cold Hawaii maintains its unbelieveable 100% quote.

The outstanding sailor during the whole competition was Maui Ultra Fins rider Philip Köster. Philip entered the competition stage right from the beginning, being in the first heat of the single elimination. At this stage Cold Hawaii showed perfect down the line conditions with gusty offshore winds and small but very clean waves with some logo high sets coming through.

Jumping was not the issue in this kind of conditions and only the two best waves were counting to decide the heats. In his heat Philip delivered an excellent display of his waveriding ability with radical vertical hits and wave moves like a perfect goiter which secured Philips place in the second round.

Due to the gusty and unreliable wind conditions heat number 2 had to be cancelled four times in a row, before the fading light set an end to the competition on that day.

The next day was a completely different story, in regard to the prevailing conditions. Cold Hawaii  presented howling winds and mast high sets right to the early start of the day with the first heat (still the unfortunate heat number 2) starting at 7:30 am. The judging criteria for the whole day were 2 waves and 1 jump to count.

DK15 ls G44 0904 kDK15 wv G44 0720 k

After a perfect start to his heat against Ricardo Campello in round No 3 with a trademark double forward loop Philip Köster had to change his broken board and struggled a bit with the uncomfortable gear. After a second change of gear Philip found back in the heat and showed perfect wave rides, including frontside and backside 360s and a goiter in the challenging onshore conditions. With at least one perfect double forward in every heat, backed up with excellent wave riding up to the maximum score of 10 points Philip was in a league of his own and claimed the single elimination victory.

During his heats Philip used a twinser setup, consisting of two 17,5cm X-Twin fins.

With continuous firing conditions the double elimination started right after the loosers final of the single elimination.

After some impressive comebacks it all came down to the wire, with the top 4 riders of the single elimination, fighting for a better result in the double. Jaeger Stone was stopped in his tracks by an on from Victor Fernandez who defaeted Jaeger Stone for a second time, after his victory in the loosers final. Thereafter Fernandez took on Marcilio Browne and sailed a perfect heat to claim victory and to go on to face Philip Köster in the final.

Fernandez entered this heat as world tour leader against Philip Köster, who was ranked second at this stage. But Philip once again showed a perfect display of his superiority including an ankle dry double forward and impressive waverides with another perfect backside 360, right in the critical section of the wave. At the end Philip came out as the unbeaten King of Cold Hawaii with his second event victory at this place.  And furthermore he took the lead on the world tour with now two event victories and one third place under his belt. So Philip will enter the famous Sylt event as number 1 titel contender in the 2015 wave world tour.

Results of the KIA Cold Hawaii World Cup for the Maui Ultra Fins riders:

1. Philip Köster
9. Robby Swift
13. Florian Jung
25. Marc Paré
25. Lars Petersen

Maui Ultra Fins wishes good luck to all teamriders for the mega event on Sylt.

All images: Carter /


2015-08-09 PWA World Cups Fuerteventura and Tenerife

Maui Ultra Fins riders own the podiums in the wave and freestyle fleets


After a windy week with two complete double eliminations for both the men’s and the women’s fleets our Maui Ultra Fins team riders had all of a reason to be satisfied.

In the men’s fleet Maui Ultra fins teamrider Nicolas Akgazciyan sailed better than ever in Fuerteventura as he secured the final place on the prestigious podium. Nicolas finished in the top five in both double eliminations as he sailed with power, speed and style to earn his best result. Akgazciyan also landed an absolutely incredible ankle-dry shifty - which was one of the moves of the entire contest. This third place in Fuerte sees Akgazciyan rise to joint fourth in the overall rankings..


In the women’s fleet Sarah-Quita Offringa proved once again that she is the undisputed Queen of Freestyle over the course of the event as she won every single heat. She combined smooth sliding moves with the latest power moves exploding through perfect burners and culos to claim an emphatic victory, which sees her claim an incredible eighth successive world title.

Oda Johanne finishes the year as the PWA Freestyle Vice-World Champion. Oda landed big shakas and flakas to defend her place against Maaike Huvermann who showed plenty of progress again this year and the seventeen year old was rewarded with another place on the prestigious podium - as well as being crowned the PWA Youth World Champion. Maaike finished sixth last year in Fuerteventura but continues to learn moves and looks as though she’ll be an even bigger threat in 2016.

Arrianne Aukes was upset with her performance in Fuerte after finishing fifth, but you can be sure that she will be back stronger than ever next year, whilst Maxime van Gent completes 2015 in sixth place.

Results of the Maui Ultra Fins riders at Fuerteventura:

Men Women
fuerte4 fuerte3
3. Nicolas Akgazciyan 1. Sarah-Quita Offringa
14. Adrien Bosson 2. Oda Johanne Stokstad Brødholt
22. Adrian Beholz 3. Maaike Huvermann
23. Nick van Ingen 5. Arrianne Aukes
24. Marco Lufen 6. Maxime van Gent
24. Hugo de Sousa
28. Romain Pinocheau
33. Adam Gavriel
33. Sam Esteve
39. Valentin Böckler
39. Tony Möttus



After a slow start to the contest with lighter winds and very small waves, El Medano came to life during the second half of the contest. Conditions were firing and the men’s and women’s wave fleets were able to finish a complete double elimination.

Maui Ultra Fins rider Philip Köster who absolutely dominated the event in Pozo (Gran Canaria) lost his heat against an on form Jaeger Stone in the third round of the single elimination. However, Philip fought back in the double elimination! After five consecutive heat wins Philip Köster lost to Viktor Fernandez and finished in 3rd place.

Fellow Maui Ultra Fins riders Robby Swift and Florian Jung also showed a very impressive performance and finished in 6th and 9th place.

Young shot Marc Paré was also on form and won the youth event earlier in the week.

On the women’s side of the draw it was again a battle between the two Maui Ultra Fins riders Daida and Iballa Moreno to decide the event victory in Tenerife. This time it was Daida who came out on top to claim the event victory.


Freestyle-Queen Sarah-Quita Offringa again set up a great show and finished in 4th place. So Sarah-Quita is definitely a force to be reckoned with for future wave events.

Results of the Maui Ultra Fins riders at Tenerife:

Men Women
tenerife5 tenerife1
3. Philip Köster 1. Daida Ruano Moreno
6. Robby Swift 2. Iballa Ruano Moreno
9. Florian Jung 4. Sarah-Quita Offringa
25. Marc Paré 9. Caro Weber
9. Caterina Stenta
13. Lina Erpenstein
13. Arrianne Aukes

All images: Carter /

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