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GER - Karin Dornbusch

Name Karin Dornbusch
Country Germany
Sail number -
Disciplines Wave
Favourite move(s) Jesus Christ
Favourite spot(s) Wijk (NL), Vargas (E), Big Bay (SA), Wissant (F)
Biggest success so far I attended one competion some 5 years ago in the Netherlands which I won ;-)
Why Maui Ultra Fins They give me extra acceleration and speed for my jumping and feel very loose in the waves. A huge improvement compared to the OEM fins.
Favourite Maui Ultra Fin(s) (in which board + benefits) X-Wave 19 with the Fanatic NW69 and a pair of X-Twin 14.5 with the NW Twin 72 for speed, upwind and looseness in the waves