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D 511 - Allan Bech

Name Allan Bech
Country Denmark
Sail number D 511
Disciplines Wave
Favourite move(s) Rail to rail waveriding and off the lip aerials, High One Handed Backloops
Favourite spot(s) Cold Hawaii Denmark, Gnaraloo WA
Biggest success so far 4th Danish Wave Championship 2010,
4th Danish Wave Championship 2009,
25th PWA ColdHawaii Klitmøller 2011,
2nd Danish Freestyle Championship 2006
Why Maui Ultra Fins The fins are performing so well, it brings your windsurfing experience to a new level!
Favourite Maui Ultra Fin(s) (in which board + benefits) X-Wave 18cm + X-Tri 10cm side fins gives my JP 82L Single Trusther a whole new dimension of speed, grip and maneuverability.