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FRA - Esteban Muller

Name Esteban Muller
Country France
Sail number -
Disciplines Wave, Freestyle
Favourite move(s) Backloop and Frontloop
Favourite spot(s) Icaraizinho, Jericoacoara
Biggest success so far My first backloop....
Why Maui Ultra Fins Because Maui Ultra Fins is the best !
Favourite Maui Ultra Fin(s)
(in which board + benefits)
For Wave: the X-Tri 13 + X-Quad 10 on a Starboard Quad, they are so good in surf: big carving in the bottom and very good for slashing off-the-lip.
For Freestyle: The Style Taty 17 is just fantastic!
Actually with the MUFins, you can take smaller fins than the standard ones without loosing performance and of course you get more speed and more reactivity

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