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GRE 201 - Thiseas Kampas

Name Thiseas Kampas
Country Greece
Sail number GER 204
Disciplines Slalom, Freestyle
Favourite move(s) Kono, Funnel, AirFlaka, Ponch
Favourite spot(s) New Golden Beach (Paros), Loutsa (Attiki)
Biggest success so far 2nd Youth World Champion in RSX olympic class
Why Maui Ultra Fins They are fast, they jump and they slide like crazy!
Favourite Maui Ultra Fin(s) (in which board + benefits) Style Taty 16 & 17cm in RRD Twintip V2 90 & 100 litre for speed,
manoeverability and control - perfect for changing direction upwind
or downwind for shakas or flakas without loosing any speed or balance!
Slalom 38 with my Drops Kranz slalom board 106 litres, works very well
and goes VERY fast in high wind conditions especially in downwind slalom courses.