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GER 888 - Adrian Beholz

Name Adrian Beholz
Country Germany
Sail number GER 888
Disciplines Freestyle
Favourite move(s) No handed Burner, Kabikuchi
Favourite spot(s) Brazil, Bonaire
Biggest success so far 3rd EFPT Leucate 2010
Why Maui Ultra Fins Try and error isn´t the right way of developing - MUF calculates
Favourite Maui Ultra Fin(s) (in which board + benefits) 16 cm Style-Taty in my 95l WARK freestyle machine.
The massive power of the Style-Taty enables you to choose a smaller size than you would normally do. This makes you faster and your freestyling more controlled.



Pictures: Tristan Siefert (bottom left), Markus Seidl (all others)