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D 667 - Bjørn Lau Jørgensen

Name Bjørn Lau Jørgensen (
Country Denmark
Sail number D 667
Disciplines Slalom, Wave
Favourite move(s) Power Jibe, Duck Jibe, Trying Front Loop
Favourite spot(s) Cold Hawaii, Hanstholm and Gjøl (Denmark)
Biggest success so far DBO DM Young Gun (Danish Championship) – Wave –5-8. place.
Venoe Water Stars – Speed – 4. place.
DBO Wild West Slalom – Klitmoller – 6. place
Why Maui Ultra Fins Because it’s simply the best fin on the market.
I don’t think there is any fin company as innovative as Maui Ultra Fins.
Favourite Maui Ultra Fin(s) (in which board + benefits) Slalom Weed 30 cm on Super Sport 109L, best weed fin used for sure!
X-Twin-S 17.5 cm For 81l Quatro Twin is amazing!