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B 160 - Mattijs Lasore

Name Mattijs Lasore
Country Belgium
Sail number B 160
Disciplines Freestyle
Favourite move(s) Flaka, Puneta and E-slider
Favourite spot(s) Brouwersdam (Netherlands), Prasonisi (Rhodes)
Biggest success so far Second place U-15 overall EFPKT
Why Maui Ultra Fins Because these fins give you everything you want!
And with their new technologies they
are fare beyond every other fin brand!
Favourite Maui Ultra Fin(s) (in which board + benefits) The Taty Style 15 cm under my Starboard Prokids Flare 72 liters.
The Taty style gives me great speed, good acceleration,
no spin outs, and much control! I don`t know what a freestyler wants more!