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GER - Gerry Gaebges

Name Gerry Gaebges
Country Germany
Sail number -
Disciplines Wave, Freestyle
Favourite move(s) Backloop, riding waves
Favourite spot(s) Ho´okipa, Jeri, Hanstholm, Scheveningen, Ijmuiden, Heiligenhafen...
Biggest success so far Spending as much time on the water as possible...
Why Maui Ultra Fins The MUF concept convinced me. I have trust in their competenceand technical knowledge needed to produce the best fins. Manufacturing fins it`s not pure magic - it has a lot to do with physics. But on the water they feel like magic :) They just work!!! I have a bigger smile coming out of the water. All moves become easier and more natural. Test them!!!
Favourite Maui Ultra Fin(s)
(in which board + benefits)
RRD HC Quad 84 - 15,5 X-Twin 9 X-Quad: provide me with a unique snappy and loose surf feeling without losing the needed control. RRD Freestyle 100 - Taty 17: great performance yet neutral in the moves.
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