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G 981 - Diana Lohoff

Name Diana Lohoff
Country Germany
Sail number G-981
Disciplines Wave, Freestyle
Favourite move(s) Frontloop, Tabletop, Flaka, Eslider
Favourite spot(s) Grossenbrode, Heiligenhafen (Baltic Sea), Wijk aan Zee, Hanstholm (North Sea), Matas Blancas (Fuerteventura)
Biggest success so far to compete in the PWA Worldcup on Sylt 2012 (Women Wave), 14th overall in the German Freestyle Battle 2.0 Grossenbrode
Why Maui Ultra Fins They have the best weed fins ever, good speed for high jumps in Multifin-Waveboards
Favourite Maui Ultra Fin(s) 
(in which board + benefits)
Twin Weed 14 in Tabou Twister 90l, X -Tri 2 x 11,5 + 14,5 in Tabou Pocket Wave 69l