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DEN 216 - Jonas Gjoerup

Name Jonas Gjoerup
Country Denmark
Sail number DEN 216
Disciplines Slalom, Wave, Freestyle
Favourite move(s) Full power jibe in overpowered conditions!
In Wave/Freestyle I also love the feeling of rotating in a backloop attempt.
Favourite spot(s) Ringkoebing, Klitmoeller, Hvide Sande, Brouwersdam
Biggest success so far 7th place in the Danish Youth Slalom Nationals
Why Maui Ultra Fins I think that many fin companies have lost the feeling of what surfers need. Maui Ultra Fins has come up with some outstanding and innovative creations, like the Quick n`Easy system, that makes life easier when you are on the water.
Favourite Maui Ultra Fin(s) 
in which board + benefits)
Starboard iSonic 08 and the Slalom Pro 34 cm. This combination gives me the perfect setup for full speed down the slalom course and still loads of control even in difficult, choppy conditions where many other fins tend to spin-out. Also the X-wave suits both freestyle and waveboards of any kind, with a constant grip in the water and still maintaining the option to make a nice spray on the top of a cutback or slide well in freestyle-moves like the Vulcan.