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G - Kevin Backes

Name Kevin Backes
Country Germany
Sail number -
Disciplines Freestyle, Wave
Favourite move(s) Flaka, Switch-Chachoo, High Backloops
Favourite spot(s) Marocco/Sidi Kaouki Secret Spot
Biggest success so far Sailing some of the best spots on this planet…
Why Maui Ultra Fins Because they combine the best speed with incredible radicality and perfect control in every second of your ride!
Favourite Maui Ultra Fin(s)
(in which board + benefits)
In Goya Custom Quad 72l 2x X-Tri 13,5cm + 2x 8cm or 2x X-Twin 14,5cm - Quad Setup for total radicality and perfect control in the big waves; twin Setup for early planing and speed even in strong currents. The board is a bit looser for the Euro waves.
Style Taty 17 in Goya Air 99 for all moves in all conditions with every sail. Early planing, top end speed and sliding with control! Just the best on the market!

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