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CYP 27 - Christos Loizou

Name Christos I. Loizou
Country Cyprus
Sail number CYP 27
Disciplines Freestyle
Favourite move(s) Ponch, Switch Kono, Funnell
Favourite spot(s) Ladies Mile, Larnaca (Cyprus, my homespot) and the Lagoon in Naxos
Biggest success so far 33rd Overall EFPT 2014
Most proud of Burner
Why Maui Ultra Fins Because they provide the best freestyle fins on the market.
Favourite Maui Ultra Fin(s)
(in which board + benefits)
Fanatic Skate 93 with my 17 cm Style Taty is the best set up for me in all conditions. The fin has great speed, maneuverability and control without any spin outs even in tough conditions such at my homespot.

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