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GER - Henning von Jagow

Name Henning von Jagow
Country Germany
Sail number GER
Disciplines Freestyle
Favourite move(s) Burner, Skopu, Shaka
Favourite spot(s) Schlei, Ammersee, Naxos, Hanstholm
Biggest success so far The first time I got planing on a windsurf board
Why Maui Ultra Fins Leading performance and unconditional service make MUF my chosen fins in all disciplines!
Favourite Maui Ultra Fin(s)
(in which board + benefits)
The MUF Style-Pro 17.5 is my favourite fin for freestyle with my 98 liter F2 Rodeo. At high speed, the Style-Pro makes me spin around fast, pop & bounce off the water easily!

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oh burner henning olpenitz 15.11.14 367 korr k c

Photos: Phil Schreyer