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G 118 - Caro Weber

Name Caro Weber
Country Germany
Sail number G 118
Disciplines Wave
Favourite move(s) Backloop, Cutback
Favourite spot(s) Hanstholm (DK), Lübecker Bucht (GER), Almerimar (ES), Platboom (SA), Sunset Beach (SA)
Biggest success so far 7th place PWA Tenerife 2014, 9th place PWA Tenerife 2013, 9th place PWA wave overall 2013
Why Maui Ultra Fins Because they give me the speed and manoeuvrability I like to have on the waves. Additionally, I really like the concept behind the fins.
Favourite Maui Ultra Fin(s)
(in which board + benefits)
X-Twin R 14.5 and X-Quad 8 in PATRIK T-wave 72. They give me a lot of speed and feel pretty loose on the wave. Just the way I like it.

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